Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend snaphots

As what the author says, ....Everybody loves weekend, it is the time for leisure, recreation and other religious activities. And when everyone is having a grand time, you want to capture it and share it with others.
That’s why a special Weekend Snapshot is here for you.

Driving in an early morning rush for the freeway is indeed challenging to me.... A snapshot is just fitting for this... Happy New Year to all of you!--with love from dan!

You might want to join Weekend Snapshots. This is a meme open for everyone. For more information, go to this site.


dangkin said...

i love driving in the freeway!--well at least from where i am ;)

have a HAPPY 2008!

Lynn said...

Careful driving and taking pictures at the same time. I assume you were on a stop. :D

Happy new year!

arlene said...

cool shot! but be careful though...just got into accident on the freeway the other day and I wasn't taking photos:)...happy new year!

Carver said...

I like that shot a lot. I enjoy taking photos from the car but only if I'm stopped or the passenger. Otherwise, scary. Have a great new year ahead.

Liza said...

Taking pictures while driving, better be careful.

Happy New Year Dan! May you be blessed with a fruitful 2008.

A Simple Life said...

Great shot Dan! Happy New Year.

jennyr said...

that's a good snapshot! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My WS is at Hobbies and Such

sasha said...

Hi Dan! Happy New Year! :)

Jazel said... pls visit my site too... can we exchange link? thnks