Sunday, November 18, 2007

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I am always into computers since I was young. I was into programming, gaming, chatting and such. Together with friends, we love exploring the world of computers and always made it a point that we have something new to impart with each other like hacking tips, gaming cheats, strategies, and techniques. We thought we were invincible because other kids who saw our skills were awed and amazed, and these made our computer experience fun. We never thought that there were more out there than just computers; that there is such a word as internet because let’s face it we were still kids playing with computers in the most fun and destructive ways we can think off!

The first time I encountered the internet was through a friend who invited me to come with him. The internet’s most prominent eye catcher to me then was chatting, specifically online chatting. It was like IT BLEW ME AWAY! The concept of chatting for us then was being beside someone talking, but this chatting is way outer space because my friend was talking with someone in Australia, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada, Europe, even Russia! All at the same time! He was just sitting there but he is going around the world. Making it short, I never had a chance; internet caught me hook, line and sinker. I was spending like a weeks’ allowance of food on a few hours of internet time, believe me internet then was extremely expensive, and I was spending like C-R-A-Z-Y! To be honest, it is like that with any other person who gets hooked on something related or otherwise to this current train of thought, but like any other hobby it wanes. It was more of “I can’t afford it” situation that pulled me out of it rather than a waning thing.

It took a long while for the internet cost to stabilize and make it affordable for me to start again with it, but then it went way too fast for me to catch up to it. The new technology, the lingo, the fast paced session, and everything about it that I realized I was left behind. Yes Friends, some of us get left behind even if we are the ones leading at first. That is the reality in the internet world and it is an edict. It is also true that some of us are left behind before even having the chance to get started. So with that, I just kept to my on interest within the things I like in the internet; Gaming, chat, and basically just surfing for information.

One day, while surfing for information, I realized that online business is getting to be a norm. Back then it was only for advertising your business, but now it turned out to be a full business venture in a new front, the virtual business. We were thinking it was impossible then but it has turned into reality now. Web pages or what we call now as Websites were only used as an event page then but now has become a big money making venture.

Again, since getting left behind it was too late for me to even start it (Wrong!). I discovered that even if you are left behind, you can still start and learn. I said to myself “Why not?” but I was thinking “How?” I need to start somewhere since I do not have the resources and the knowledge. Well, a friend just introduced me to Web logs or “blogs” and said that they too can become a good business source once you get to know the nooks and alleys of it. Also, in blogs according to him, you can write anything about any subject, even your thoughts. This is how I got to start this post. I have been tinkering both the page and my brain, for a month now, looking for that spot and idea to build a foundation towards making a website in the near future. I have been pouring into the internet researching and I tell you it is not easy, but it is an adventure! My brain cells are dancing with joy with all the information I found that I did not even realize existed.

Dear readers, I learned through all these are as long as you don’t give up and you’re willing to learn and look for knowledge, there is something there waiting to be uncovered. The Web is a very huge place and I believe that each of us have enough space in it to belong to. If you are like me, then this place is pretty exciting to be in. As you can see my page now it is not that perfect. It is only natural because it is still half-baked and I am new to the whole idea of it. Why not try it?? If you have been thinking it? Had some idea about it? Want to try it? Then by all means, friends, pick up your keyboards and give it a shot. You might be even better than I am!!

If you are already good and/or a blog guru and have time to spare, I would welcome any kind of help. I would also like take the chance to thank the people who have helped me reach to this point and continually helping improve my blog technically, through comments and suggestions, and moral boosts. Thank you so much! God Bless and happy reading.

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