Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Tweaking is Done

My neck is sore, My back is suffering, my eyes are red, but Yup! The tweaking is done with the site, and I am currently completing the other things that would add to the site's content. I am placing the blog roll links to different sites. If I asked you, my dear readers, to add me to your links and said that I added you as well but you don't see your links. Kindly leave a comment so I can do so. I posted a lot of added you, add me comments to blogs that interested me and gaining my interest that I may have missed some. If you happen to pass by and would love to exchange links please send me a comment and I will gladly do so.

Thank you so much for bearing with the eyesores.


jennyr said...

hi! thanks for adding me in ur blogroll, i will link u up too!

Dan said...

Thank you Jen I like your site a lot and will be dropping by on a regular basis. Thank you for adding my link.